Date of birth: probably in England after August 1582
Baptized: unknown
Marriage: Hester Mahieu, Leyden, Holland, 30 June 1603
Children: Seven (7)
1. Jane b. probably in Leyden about 1604, married Experience Mitchell
2. John b. probably in Leyden probably late 1606, married Sarah Warren
3. child b. early 1608, buried in Leyden 20 May 1608
4. Elizabeth baptized in Leyden 26 December 1611
5. Jacob b. in Leyden about 1618, married Darmaris Hopkins
6. Hester b. maybe in Leyden prior to April 1621 or in Plymouth the latter part of 1624 or 1625. Married Richard Wright
7. Mary b. in Plymouth between May 1624 and 22 May 1627.
Death: "Francis Cooke died the seauenth of Aprill, 1663."
Burial Site: Burial Hill, Plymouth, MA


'Pilgrims signing the Mayflower Compact'

  • Francis Cooke's youth is entirely unknown; he was a young man of about 20 when he first appeared in Leyden records in 1603, described as a woolcomber from England.
  • Francis and his wife Hester were members of of the Leiden Walloon congregation.
  • Francis Cooke and his son John embarked on the Speedwell at Delfshaven, Holland in July 1620, leaving behind Hester and the other children. At Southampton or Plymouth, England they were transferred to the Mayflower and in her set sail from Plymouth on 6 September 1620.
  • Francis Cooke was one of the signers of the Mayflower Compact on 11 November 1620.
  • On Friday, 16 February 1620/1 while Capt. Myles Standish and Francis Cooke were at work in the woods they were recalled by an alarm at the approach of Indians, who did no more damage than to carry off the tools left in the woods. The Indians returned the tools on Sunday, 18 March 1620/1.
  • In the 1623 Division of Land, Francis Cooke received 6 acres, 2 for Francis and John on the Mayflower and 4 for his wife and daughters on the Anne.
  • The Division of Cattle made at Plymouth on 22 May 1627 assigned the first lot to Francis Cooke, wife Hester, sons John and Jacob, and daughters Jane, Hester and Mary as the first seven persons in the first company, along with six unmarried men who were associated with Francis Cooke.
  • Francis Cooke was assessed 18s. in the Plymouth tax list of 25 March 1633 and 9s. in the list of 27 March 1634.
  • On 1 October 1634, John Jenny, Francis Cooke and five others were appointed to lay out highways for Plymouth.
  • A law was passed 15 November 1636 requiring every man to register his cattle mark. Francis Cooke marked his cattle with a hole in the left ear and a slit in the right ear down the middle of the ear.
  • On 24 December 1636, John Harmon, son of Edmond of London, contracted to become the apprentice of Francis Cooke for 7 years.
  • Francis Cooke was on several committees and held a number of offices.
  • 1644 "In case of alarume in tyme of warr or danger these division of the Towneship are to be observed and these companys to repaire together "ffrancis Cooke one."
  • Francis Cooke was appointed as one of the "Surveyors of the Heighwayes" for Plymouth in 1645.
  • "This 10th of June 1646 the condicions of the marriage between Jacob Cooke and Damarise Hopkins "Know all men by these presents that upon a conclusion of a marriage between Jacob Cooke of Plymouth and Damarise hopkins of the same it is promised by ffrancis Cooke of Plym..."

  • 1650: "Francis Cooke is still living, a very old man, and hath seen his children's children have children. After his wife came over with other of his children; he hath three still living by her, all married and have five children, so their increase is eight. And his son John which came over with him is married, hnd hath four children living."
  • 1651: "The Names of those that have Interest and proprieties in the Townes land att Punckateesett over against Road lland... ffrancis Cooke."
  • December 1655: "Wee graunt to frances Cooke 3 holes of meddow lying at the hither end of the Greate meddow Caled Jons River."
  • 1660: "re the Purchasers of Dartmouth, ffrancis Cooke one whole share."
  • 1663: "The owners names... The severall lotes on Puncateesett Necke are as followeth... Francis Cooke, John Cooke, 18, lott is on the north side of the 17th lott and att the east end is bounded with a blacke flatt stump by the water side and a great white-wood tree and att the west end with a walnutt stake and a Rid oake stake."
  • "Francis Cooke died the seauenth of Aprill, 1663."

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