By Betsey Arline Clark Lambert



Date of birth: about 1564, Canterbury, Kent, England Date of birth: circa 1590
Baptized: unknown Baptized: unknown

Marriage 1: Mary Evans 20 Oct 1589, Sandwich, Kent, England

Children: Ten (10)
1. Mary baptized 4 Jan 1589/90
2. John b. about 1592, married Josina Sacharia's daughter
3. Catherine baptized 1 Sept 1594
4. Richard baptized 2 Jan 1596/7
5. Priscilla baptized 24 Mar 1599/1600, married 1. Thomas Coit, 2. Solomon Terry, 3. Jan Janzoom Vermout
6. Moses baptized 10 Oct 1602, buried 21 Apr 1603
7. Elizabeth baptized 4 Apr 1604, married 1. Casper Barnaart, 2. Michiel Voorchoren
8. Jane baptized 8 Feb 1606/7
9. Moses baptized 2 Apr 1609
10. Judith buried 6 Nov 1609

Marriage: Susanna (_____), Leiden, Holland

Children: Two (2)
1. Resolved about 1615, Leiden, Holland
2. Peregrine 4 Dec 1620, born aboard the Mayflower

Death: 21 February, 1620/1, Plymouth, MA

Burial Site: unknown

Marriage 2: Sarah (_____) Denby, widow of William Denby

Children: None (0)
Death: during the first winter 1620/1, Plymouth  
Burial Site: unknown  


'A Prosperous Wind', Painting by Mike Haywood

  • Moses was one of the oldest Mayflower passengers.
  • He lived in Sandwich, Kent by 1599 and possibly received his training as a blacksmith there.
  • He was the sexton of St. Peter, Sandwich from 1604 to 1609 but was excommunicated by the church three times. Two of these punishments were caused by his participation in illegal burials, one that of his daughter, Judith.
  • Moses Fletcher, along with James Chilton's wife, were accused of having attended the burial of a child performed outside of the Church of England, and so excommunication proceedings were commenced.
  • Shortly thereafter, he and others from the Sandwich congregation removed to Leiden and took up residence with the Pilgrims.
  • Moses Fletcher and his family arrived in Leiden by December 1613. He apparently continued his trade there, as he identified his occupation as "smith" in his betrothal to his second wife, Sarah.
  • In 1613, following the death of his wife Mary, he remarried to the widow Sarah (_____) Denby.
  • Moses Fletcher came alone on the Mayflower in 1620.
  • His children were nearing adulthood, and some had even married into Dutch families by the time of his departure.
  • Moses was the 27th signer of the Mayflower Compact.

  • William White apparently was one of the wealthier Separatists at Leiden.
  • In his list of those who came in the Mayflower, Bradford includes "Mr. William White and Susanna his wife and one son called Resolved, and one born a-shipboard called Peregrine, and two servants named William Holbeck and Edward Thompson." In his accounting of 1651 Bradford tells us that "Mr. White and his two servants died soon after their landing. His wife married with Mr. Winslow. His two sons are married and Resolved hath five children, Peregrine two, all living. So their increase are seven."
  • Susanna gave birth to son Peregrine while the Mayflower was still anchored off the top of Cape Cod waiting for the Pilgrims to discover a place to build their colony. He was the first English child born to the Pilgrims in the New World.
  • William died the first winter, on the same day as three other passengers, including William Mullins.
  • His wife Susanna remarried to Edward Winslow a few months later, being the first marriage to occur at Plymouth.

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