By Stacy B. C. Wood, Jr.

Hello My Name is Wrestling Brewster

First names are like clothes: they go through fads.

Names that were popular in the early 1600's may not be popular today as indicated by the name tag seen here that we have made for one of Elder William Brewster's sons. There are 113 known named Pilgrim children. The most popular (frequency given in parens) were John (13) for boys and Elizabeth (15) for girls. Other popular names were Mary (13); Joseph (8); Sarah (6); Samuel & Priscilla (4); Benjamin, Caleb, Charles, Isaac, James, Nathaniel, Richard, and Ruth (3). Some others besides Wrestling that we would consider unusual were: girl's names Damaris (2), Desire (2), Dorcas (1), Fear (1), Ingle (1), and Remember (1) and the boy's names Giles (1), Jabez (1), Love (1), Oceanus (1), Resolved (1), and Zachariah (1). Most popular boy's and girl's names of our Juniors are Andrew (6) and Sarah/Sara (3).