By Stacy B.C. Wood, Jr.

On January 1, 2010 the General Society authorized applications for membership and/or supplemental applications to be filed for ALL passengers on the 1620 Mayflower from whom descent is known. This is in keeping with Article III, Section 1, of the General Society’s Constitution where previously the word “all” had been interpreted to be only the twenty-six male family heads. In 2005 the three wives with known maiden names were added. The current list is given here alphabetically by family and includes maiden names of wives in parentheses and any previous husbands followed by children passengers:

John Alden [see William Mullins for wife Priscilla]; Isaac Allerton, Mrs. Mary (Norris) Allerton, Bartholomew Allerton, Remember Allerton, Mary Allerton; John Billington, Mrs. Elinor (unknown) Billington, Francis Billington; William Bradford; William Brewster, Mrs. Mary (unknown) Brewster, Love Brewster;  Peter Brown; James Chilton, Mrs. James (unknown) Chilton, Mary Chilton; Francis Cooke, John Cooke; Edward Doty; Francis Eaton, Mrs. Sarah (unknown) Eaton, Samuel Eaton; Moses Fletcher; Edward Fuller, Mrs. Edward (unknown) Fuller, Samuel Fuller; Samuel Fuller; Stephen Hopkins, Mrs. Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins, Constance Hopkins, Giles Hopkins; John Howland [see John Tilley for wife Elizabeth]; Richard More; William Mullins, Mrs. Alice (unknown) Mullins, Priscilla Mullins; Degory Priest; Thomas Rogers, Joseph Rogers; Henry Samson; George Soule; Myles Standish; John Tilley, Mrs. Joan (Hurst) Tilley who was the widow of non-Pilgrim Thomas Rogers, Elizabeth Tilley; Richard Warren; William White, Mrs. Susanna (unknown) White, Peregrine White, Resolved White; Edward Winslow, Mrs. Susanna (unknown) Winslow, the widow of William White above.

NB. 1. Children listed are not necessarily children of the wife listed (e.g. Hopkins children) and may be by an earlier wife. Children by a previously married wife passenger are eligible (e.g. Joan Hurst who apparently had at least one unnamed child by Thomas Rogers about whom no further information is available).

2. Children, if any, of Elinor Billington’s second marriage to Gregory Armstrong are unknown.

3. The only child born to William Bradford and his first wife, passenger Dorothy May, did not have a continuing line.

For further information see the appropriate General Society’s Mayflower Families Through Five Generations volume available at

Anyone who arrived in Plymouth on the Mayflower and survived the initial hardships is now considered a Pilgrim with no distinction being made on the basis of their original purposes for making the voyage.

Any person able to document their descent from one or more of the following Mayflower Pilgrims is eligible to appy for membership in the Mayflower Society:

John Alden Bartholomew Allerton Isaac Allerton Mary (Norris) Allerton Mary Allerton Remember Allerton
Eleanor Billington Francis Billington John Billington William Bradford Love Brewster Mary Brewster
William Brewster Peter Browne James Chilton Mrs James Chilton Mary Chilton  Francis Cooke
Edward Doty Francis Eaton Samuel Eaton Sarah Eaton Moses Fletcher Edward Fuller
Mrs Edward Fuller Samuel Fuller Edward Fuller Constance Hopkins Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins Giles Hopkins
Stephen Hopkins John Howland Richard More Priscilla Mullins William Mullins Degory Priest
Joseph Rogers Thomas Rogers Henry Samson George Soule Myles Standish ElizabethTilley
John Tilley Joan (Hunt) Tilley Richard Warren Peregrine White Resolved White Susanna White
William White Edward Winslow