Did You Find A Week?

Did You Find A Week?During the 1500s and 1600s, the calendar was off by ten days. Hence, when we look back in time with our Gregorian calendar, we find that the Pilgrim's calendar was ten days behind.

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What Is a Mayflower?

What is a Mayflower?The Mayflower, for which the ship of the Pilgrims is named, is Epigaea repens. It is better known as Trailing Arbutus. It is a trailing evergreen belonging to the Heath Family with a white flower with a pink center.

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A Plimoth Christmas — Not!

A Plymouth Christmas?The Pilgrims did not celebrate the religious holidays that we celebrate today. Like the English and Scottish Puritans, they held that customs taken from folklore and non-Christian writings were contrary to the spirit of Christianity.

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