Follow"An example for other societies to emulate." ("Dick Eastman Online"

Since the official launching of SMDPA's new web site,, at the Society's Annual Meeting on January 15th, webmaster Joseph Howland Wood reports that in addition to receiving praise from members by e-mail and its appearing as a link on the North Carolina state Society's web site, the site has also been cited in the newsletter.

In his "Dick Eastman Online" column of 1/26/00, Eastman devoted an entire page to the new site. "One of the better sites is the one operated by the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania," writes Eastman. "This Web page has the typical information that you would expect of any similar organization ... [h]owever when you click on 'Miscellaneous,' you arrive at a wealth of information of interest to almost any one with Mayflower ancestry." He goes on to list a dozen subjects including: "What is a Mayflower?," "Mayflower Hymn," "Mayflower Insignia Etiquette," "Pilgrims, Not Puritans," and "Pilgrim Myths and Realities." Continuing, he says "Another pleasant surprise was the 'Kids' Page.' This leads to a number of pages written in words the younger reader will understand." He then lists some of the contents including: "What kind of flag flew over the Mayflower?" "Trades (And We Aren't Talking Pokémon Cards Here!)," "Lets Go on a Treasure Hunt," and "Kids Feedback." The latter includes letters and poems from elementary school students who had SMDPA funded annual Plimoth Plantation classroom visits in 1999.

In conclusion, Eastman states: "This is a great site that provides a wealth of information. It also serves as an example for other societies to emulate."