General Society of Mayflower Descendants GBOA Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana Scholarship Report

Greetings GBOA members!

The 2015-2016 Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce four winners for the GBOA 2016 Scholarship Contest this year for a total sum of $15,000. Scholarship winners were notified July 19, 2016:

1st Place:  Hannah Gooden       ($6,000)

2nd Place: Hannah Wheaton     ($4,000)

3rd Place:  Nicholas Danby        ($3,000)

4th Place:  John Hazleton          ($2,000)

$6,000 Award: Hannah Gooden from Colleyville, Texas.  Hannah is a descendant of Edward Doty. She graduated valedictorian from Covenant Christian Academy. Hannah participated in the NASA High School Aerospace Scholars program, which fostered a love for all things space-related. She will be attending Texas A&M University this fall, studying engineering in the Engineering Honors College. She someday hopes to work as an engineer at NASA.

$4,000 Award: Hannah Wheaton from Chesapeake, Virginia.  Hannah is a descendant from: William White, Richard Warren, Edward Doty, Francis Cooke, and Stephen Hopkins. Hannah will attend Washington University in St. Louis this fall where she is a John B. Ervin Scholar. She plans to study Political Science, continue through Law School, and become an attorney.

$3,000 Award: Nicholas Danby from Bangor, Maine.  Nicholas is a descendant of Stephen Hopkins. He is planning to study history and government at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. Along with politics, throughout almost all of his life, he has been involved in theatrical acting, debate, law, and government.

$2,000 Award: John Hazelton, from Henrico, Virginia.  John is a descendant from: Myles Standish, Stephen Hopkins, John Alden, Priscilla Mullins and Richard Warren. John graduated from Collegiate School, where he received the Dartmouth Book Award and was inducted into the Cum Laude Society. He was accepted to Early Decision into the School of Engineering at Vanderbilt University, where he plan to further explore his interests in engineering and business related fields.

August 17, 2016 Scholarship Meeting

Scholarship Committee met via phone conference recently to discuss a suggestion by Lea Filson to review SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) scholarship program process. Lea was invited and participated in the discussion. Lea suggested that we think about how we would engage all states in the scholarship process.

The committee discussed extensively the pros and cons of such a program. We also discussed the practical difficulties this program could present. SARs program moves the top student selections from the states to the final national selection process. Mark Fulcomer questioned as to how the society states would determine their winners, and that poses the question of whether or not this would present a fair adjudication process. The GBOA Scholarship also requires Academic Recommendation and Character Reference Forms. There is the question of timing based on the SAT/ACT results, which could slow the process. State societies would be required to have a minimum number of reviews to ensure fairness. The committee finally decided that more research should be done and Sally Johnson offered to initiate a questionnaire that will be distributed to the GBOA members in Indiana. (Please see questionnaire).

The 2017 GBOA Scholarship will be posted soon after the meeting. We are suggesting that we move the deadline to March 1, 2017. We are continuing with the scholarship as is until further discussions and/or the new essay theme has been determined.

Thank you committee members Mark Fulcomer, Sally Johnson, Judy Needham, and Laura Brock. Also, Thank you Steve Gibbon for your assistant and suggestions.

Thank you GSMD staff in Plymouth for all you help: taking phone calls, scanning and checking application membership status. And, especially to Georgi Hess, Walt Powell, and all the others who work behind the scenes prepping scholarship applications.

Respectfully Submitted,
Lorraine (Lorrie) Link, Chair
2016 Scholarship Committee



Is your state society incorporated as a non or not for profit in your state?

If your state society does not currently offer a state Mayflower scholarship, would you consider offering a state scholarship?

If your state society does not currently offer a state Mayflower scholarship, would you consider assisting in promoting the General Society's program within your state?

If your state society does currently offer a state Mayflower scholarship is it annual?

How many and what amounts are given? Typically, how many applicants are received? Accepted? Upon what schedule does your program operate? (distribute applications, deadline for submission, notification of award, and payment of awards?)

If your state society does currently offer a state Mayflower scholarship how is the scholarship promoted, applications distributed, and how is the target recipient defined.

How can the General Society's scholarship committee encourage potential applicants from your state to apply for a scholarship from the General society?

Can you suggest ways we could more effectively reach potential applicants in your state?

Do you have suggestions about how to improve any of these aspects of the General Society's scholarship program? See list:

  • Advertising the Scholarships
  • Eligibility requirements for the Scholarships
  • Application Process
online Application Instructions form online Application form submission process
  • Scholarship Requirements
  • Essay
  • Academic and Character Reference
  • Class Rank
  • ACT/SAT tests
  • Other Requirements
  • Evaluation Process
  • Notification Process
  • Enrollment Confirmation and Scholarship Disbursement

Please complete and return to:
Lorrie Link, Chair
GSMD Scholarship Committee
612-418- 0114
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16450 84 th Avenue North
Maple Grove, MN 55311