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Livingston, Kim Ann FITCH - 12th Generation from WILLIAM BREWSTER Approved: January 26, 2017

McVicker, Susan Diane WRIGHT - 12th Generation from STEPHEN HOPKINS Approved: December 30, 2016

Stone, Margaret Bebb Wheeler - 11th Generation from JOHN HOWLAND Approved:

Derr, Linda Lou RAY - 13th Generation from JOHN HOWLAND Approved: December 22, 2016

O'Hare, Carolyn Jean SCHLEGAL - 11th Generation from RICHARD WARREN Approved: December 15, 2016

Cotton, Carolyn Eva THAYER - 13th Generation from WILLIAM BREWSTER Approved: December 12, 2016

RINALDI, Victoria Angelina - 13th Generation from JOHN HOWLAND Approved: December 8, 2016

Peter, Cathy Jean GRAY - 11th Generation from EDWARD DOTY Approved: December 2, 2016



Proving Your Lineage

The most difficult part of anything is getting started. It will be easier in the beginning to start with yourself and work back through the generations.
Keep in mind that you are interested in four key items: names, relationships, dates and places (birth, marriage, death).
We suggest that you use the sample GSMD Preliminary Review Form.

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Apply Now

The following article provides an overview of the SMDPA Membership Process for those wishing to explore the opportunity, or pursue an application.  A description of qualifications, steps to follow, relevant costs, and appropriate forms are included.

Last updated February 10, 2018. 

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Eligibility & How To Join

Anyone who can document his or her lineage from one of the following twenty-nine Mayflower passengers is eligible to apply for membership in the Society of Mayflower Descendants. Although one need not be a resident in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in order to join, and the Pennsylvania Society welcomes all who wish join, prospective applicants are cautioned that if they live outside of the Commonwealth, with the exception of General Society events, they will only receive notification of events held within the Commonwealth. Thus if they anticipate taking an active part in the Society of Mayflower Descendants by holding office, serving on committees, attending social events, etc., they would do best by applying to the state Society in which they reside. Additionally, if a move to a state other than the one in which they plan to join is anticipated, they should be aware that Life Memberships are not transferable. Dual membership, however is possible, but dues are then payable to each state society.

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PA Mayflower Newsletter

Once a quarter the SMDPA publishes The Pennsylvania Mayflower newsletter. Society members will receive the newsletter in the mail. It is also available to read here in Adobe AcrobatTM format. Click on the desired issue listed below to view.

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