Aalmarkt Developments

Following discussions and decisions on the town’s plans to regulate prostitution (only four brothels), which the central government has decriminalized as of October 1st, Leiden’s Town Council debated the Aalmarkt demolition plans in its meeting last Tuesday, September 12, 2000. Despite eloquently expressed opposition to large-scale construction and to demolition of the historic sites in the Aalmarkt area, the coalition led by the Labor Party (PvdA), circumvented attempts by the opposition parties to require preservation of historic monuments as well as to require competitive bidding and plan proposals, thus retaining complete control of the development within the cabinet of the mayor and aldermen.

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Pilgrim Petition Getting Results

A petition on the UCC's web site to save one of the last remaining Pilgrim church ruins in Holland seems to be paying some dividends. The official most responsible for promoting a shopping center in Leiden, where the ruins are, abruptly resigned. City fathers have now asked Jeremy Bangs, an American historian and curator of the Leiden Pilgrim Museum, to submit plans more sensitive to historical preservation.

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Robert Anderson Honored for 'Distinguished Scholarship'

When Robert Charles Anderson journeyed from his home in Derry, New Hampshire, where he directs the Great Migration Project, to received our Society's Award for Distinguished Mayflower Scholarship, conferred at our Annual Luncheon, on January 15, 2000, he came in eminent company.

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