Vrouwekerk, Leiden Memorial Plaque to Be Dedicated

Bi-Lingual Vrouwekerk Plaque designed by Jeremy D. Bangs, PhD. Photo: Max EijsboutsThe Leiden, Holland, city fathers have announced the date for the dedication of a bronze plaque on our Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2011 just before the American Thanksgiving Day service in the Pieterskerk. The ceremony marks the culmination of the decade long project to save the remains of the Vrouwekerk (Church of Our Lady, the former Roman Catholic Church of St. Mary), the building that was assigned by the City of Leiden in the late 16th century to he French Reformed (Walloon or Huguenot) refugees. The remains had been threatened with removal earlier this decade and were saved through the leadership of Dr. Jeremy Bangs, Director of the Leiden American Pilgrim Museum.

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Betty Persons (1922-2010)

Virginia Elizabeth Persons, known to all as “Betty,” our society's 2005 Most Distinguished Pilgrim Award winner and long-time board member and Social Events Committee chair, died November 27, 2010.

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SMDPA Donates To Mengle Memorial Library

At its April meeting the Board of Assistants of SMDPA voted unanimously to donate the series of books known as the “Five Generations Project Publications” to the Mengle Memorial Library, Brockway.

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Project Preserves SMDPA Records

Some time ago, the SMDPA Board was shown the original membership ledger. It was in bad condition although it had previously been restored. It was judged that no further treatment would be possible. The book was fragile, and further routine handling of it was not suggested. It was determined that it had to be copied, preserved and the data put in a readily accessible form.

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