SMDPA Honors Alice Teal

On a wintry January 17, 2004, in the warm and cozy confines of the St. David's Golf Club in Wayne, our Society honored Alice Teal during its Annual Luncheon. The testimonial, read by Anne G. Hain, representing Governor Mimi Barclay Johnson, went as follows: Alice C. Teal, we thank you for educating and fascinating us in The Mayflower Quarterly these last ten years;...

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SMDPA Award Named For Kitty Little

Our Society's "Award for Distinguished Mayflower Scholarship," in place since 1999, has recognized the work of Caroline Lewis Kardell, Robert Charles Anderson, Jeremy D. Bangs, and James W. Baker, all greats in the field. It is conferred at our Annual Luncheon in January, carrying with it a five-hundred-dollar stipend. On June 5th the Board of Assistants made a change. Members voted unanimously to name the award in memory of our Society's quintessential member, the late Kitty Little. Now called the "Katharine Besse Fox Little Award for Distinguished Mayflower Scholarship," it reflects Kitty's abiding interest in the Pilgrims, the voyage of the Mayflower, and the settlement at New Plymouth. She herself, as chair of hte GSMD Committee on Historic Sites, being officially responsible for recording memorials to the Pilgrims at whatsoever site in the world, was the moving force in erecting a monument at Truro, south of Provincetown, where an exploring party of Pilgrims first discovered Indian corn. It was a discovery of critical importance for the survival of the Colony.

James W. Baker Recipient of Distinguished Mayflower Scholarship Prize

At the recently held 105th annual membership meeting of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, James W. Baker, former senior historian of the Plimoth Plantation was the recipient of that society's annual Distinguished Mayflower Scholarship Prize. The prize consists of a certificate and a $500 check. Mr. Baker was accompanied by his wife Peggy, the director and librarian of The Pilgrim Society/Pilgrim Hall Museum.

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